Things that I have found quite interesting

An interesting Souvenir

I bought this in Romania, on a School trip with thirty Dagenham teenagers(and that's another story!)

I don't like traditional souvenirs; I prefer something which is part of the everyday life of the country,and this was a really interesting example - something I had never seen before, on sale in a little cooperative store.
Look at the picture first, and try to work out how it was used.
Think of nursery rhymes!
I tried (without the language) to ask the shopgirl what it was, and she drew a picture in biro on the base to tell me, but it wasn't a very good picture so I was no wiser.
We had to fill in forms when leaving the country, saying what we had purchased,and as I didnt know I wrote down 'vegetable cutter,' because the picture looked a bit like a carrot, but it wasn't.

Luckily I met someone who knew what it was!
Possibly I would not have bought it if I had known what it was for, but it is a curious object.
There were two kinds in the shop, one with two holes and this one, with three. Can you guess what it is?

Look below.

It is a Romanian mousetrap.
It works like this: First,push one of the wire nooses down into the slot from above.
Keep your thumb on the heavy wire until you have secured the bait.
Put a long chunk of cheese into the hole through the noose, and with a needle pull thread up through the cheese, over the wire and down through the cheese again.
Knot the thread ends underneath to keep the wire under tension and secure the cheese.

Do this with every noose.
The mouse will smell the cheese, nibble into it, and eventually nibble through the thread.


The noose will spring up and garotte the mouse.

Not pleasant, but hopefully quick!

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